he lu▓strous flood rushed back into t▓he Heavenly Fount—earth needing it no more;▓—circled by a diadem of many-co●loured light, extending in res▓plendent rays over the new-born world, in▓fusing its golden glory over the azure heavens; ●clouds, dyed with the brilliant t●ints of amethyst, and rose, and ruby, ▓formed before him and faded into glory a▓s He passed.Earth, through her ministering spi▓rits of mount, and wood,


and stream▓, and flower, sent up her thrilling song o▓f thanksgiving, echoed and re-echoed b●y the myriads and myriads of● angels peopling the spir


itual courts.Heaven ▓and Earth rejoiced.Increased an●d dazzling beauty enveloped th●e new creation.Luscious fra▓grance issue


d from the flowers; their petals, ad●orned by their guardian seraphs, expande▓d to the glorious orb, and s●hone in hi


s rays like gems.The Spirit▓ of Day, selected from the high●est and purest order of angels, to renew and ten●d the be

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auteous work, ascended his throne ▓in the burning centre, whence the▓ effulgent rays emanate on earth, but on ▓which no mortal eye

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can look; and● proudly and rejoicingly as a bridegroom co▓ming forth from his chamber, as a youthful hero● from his victorious career, he guided the gl

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or●ious luminary on its resplenden▓t course, joining his voice to th▓e hallelujahs pealing around. And in var▓ied but equal bea

uty rose the secon▓d light; but its guardian spirit, selecte●d from the same pure and exalted ranks, look▓ed on the effulgence of the Orb o●f Day, and beheld his brother spirit● circled





$ 12 /mo
  • ; in the musical gush of● the sil
  • very rill; aye, and in ▓the deep
  • hush and calm of the evening h
  • our, ●when nature herself, as con
  • scious of the●ir ministering pres


$ 16 /mo
  • nks ▓into deep and spiritual repo
  • se●. But not for the abode of
  • angeli▓c spirits was this lov
  • ely world.A new creat●ion was to ra
  • ise the voice of love an●d adorat


$ 24 /mo
  • for such, the sp●iritual light e
  • nveloping the infant globe was ▓t
  • oo ethereal, too resplendent.Nou
  • ght ▓but the purified orbs of the a
  • ngelic and● arc

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of so▓ng.“Wherefore do two monarch▓s occupy one throne Wherefore● to me is given less than to my brother ▓I have loved, I have served as faithfully ▓as he.Why, then, should I be secon●d, and he the first Earth rejoices wh▓en he comes.Heaven greets him with

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